DLD issues over 32,000 electronic Prestige cards to high-profile owners and VIPs

DUBAI, Dubai Land Department (DLD) announced that its electronic Prestige Cards programme for VIP owners achieved exceptional performance success shortly following the initiative’s launch in December 2020, whereby DLD issued over 32,000 cards from its four categories, comprising 73 platinum cards, 258 diamond cards, 1,950 gold cards, and 28,829 silver cards, while 1,027 crown cards were issued for VIPs and high-ranking officials.

The programme received an unprecedented level of interest from its target audience, including high-profile owners, VIPs, and high-ranking officials, as it provided them with a wide package of services and features to save their time and effort as well as to help them complete their transactions easily and conveniently.

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director-General of DLD, said: “We constantly strive to implement the wise leadership’s directives aimed at supporting the competitiveness of our real estate market and strengthening Dubai’s position as a preferred destination for foreign and local real estate investments. The results achieved through the Prestige Cards initiative in a short period of time reflect the initiative’s success, given the effort and time its target audience are able to save. We see in such projects an urgent necessity to enhance the sector’s performance, and by regularly monitoring market and customer needs, we are capable of launching initiatives with proactive solutions that would guarantee leadership on global performance indicators.”

Under this programme, DLD provides four classes of these cards (Platinum, Diamond, Gold, and Silver) and a Crown card, which is a special card for VIP and high-ranking officials. Through this programme, DLD seeks to provide exceptional smart services at unprecedented levels to ensure the happiness of customers who would seek to obtain DLD’s services with the least possible effort. DLD also aims to professionally arrange services in advance via a special account manager.

The Prestige Card provides beneficiaries with a wide range of services, including account management services for owners, and reception and guidance via a concierge. The cardholder will also gain access to a lounge for VIP owners as well as be provided with a number of services, especially regarding ‘To Whom It May Concern’ letter requests, real estate valuations, and requests for maps. The cardholder will also get invited to various real estate events and conferences as well as to membership services in local and international real estate forums. The services vary according to the card class held by the VIP owners.

Card owners also gain access to the various services provided by the Dubai REST platform, including real estate portfolio requests and real estate studies and reports as well as follow-up procedures for customers on all electronic services channels, ensuring that they are completed quickly within one working day. Cube services are also available to owners as well as the provision of remote real estate transaction services and output delivery.

To obtain this e-card, owners must update their information and be registered on the Dubai REST application available on the App Store and Google Play stores. Based on their real estate portfolio, the appropriate card will be determined automatically without the need for the submission of an application. For more information, you can contact DLD via e-mail on vip@dubailand.gov.ae.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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