DHA’s Rashid Hospital, Mediclinic’s City Hospital receive Stroke Centre certification from American Stroke Association

DUBAI, Dubai Health Authority’s Rashid Hospital and Mediclinic’s City Hospital received the Comprehensive Stroke Centre certification from the American Stroke Association for providing the highest quality of care to stroke patients.

This is a milestone achievement for the emirate’s health sector as this is the first Comprehensive Stroke Centre certification to be presented by the American Stroke Association for a centre based outside the USA.

The American Stroke Association, a division of the American Heart Association, is the world’s leading force for longer, healthier lives, and it uses its stroke certification model to assist hospitals with a framework to manage and deliver quality care.

Rashid Hospital receives 1,000 cases of stroke annually and provides the highest quality of timely care using the latest technologies and smart solutions.

The hospital received this accreditation after expert reviewers evaluated the stroke centre for compliance with Comprehensive Stroke Centre standards and requirements.

Awadh Al Ketbi, Director-General of the DHA, said that the qualitative leap in the health sector in Dubai reflects the advanced priority of the health sector in the Dubai government’s vision and is in line with aspirations of providing a truly world-class health model.

He congratulated Rashid Hospital and Mediclinic on this new achievement.

He highlighted the fact that Dubai’s position as it cradles the first two centres outside the USA to receive the accreditation reflects the development and progress reached by the government and private hospitals in the emirate and highlights the efforts to develop an integrated and world-class health system in Dubai.

Puja Patel, Director of International Quality and Accreditation at American Heart Association, praised the achievements of the health sector in Dubai. “Dubai is a global city and its health institutions and medical facilities are comparable with institutions and facilities globally.”

Dr. Fahd Baslaib, CEO of Rashid Hospital, said that the hospital’s accreditation as the first centre outside the United States represents an essential addition to the international accreditations obtained by the hospital across its various departments and specialities.

Dr. Suhail Al Rukn, Consultant Neurologist and Head of the Stroke Centre at Rashid Hospital, said, “Stroke management requires timely and high-quality care, and we have developed our centre to provide the highest quality of internationally recognised stroke management and care to ensure patients regain their mobility and quality of life to the absolute best extent possible.”

The DHA received the certificate in the presence of Al Ketbi, Dr. Younis Kazim, CEO of Dubai Healthcare Corporation, Dr. Fahd Baslaib, CEO of Rashid Hospital, Dr. Mansour Nadhari, Medical Director of Rashid Hospital and Dr. Suhail Al Rukn, Consultant Neurologist and Head of the Stroke Centre at Rashid Hospital.

Source: Emirates News Agency