Department of Health – Abu Dhabi reviews future opportunities for clinical research

ABU DHABI, The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has reviewed future opportunities for clinical research in the Emirate at a workshop titled “Clinical Research in Abu Dhabi Healthcare and Biopharmaceutical Hub”.

The workshop brought together 29 healthcare experts and scientists from DoH, leading healthcare icons, members of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association Gulf in addition to representatives from several leading clinical research institutions from around the world.

Participants discussed a range of topics related to clinical research, including investment trends in the field, the most prominent developments in Abu Dhabi, innovative biopharmaceutical industries, guidelines and regulatory incentives for clinical research, as well as the future of clinical research in the Emirate and potential local, regional and global cooperation opportunities.

During the workshop, DoH highlighted the advantageous aspects of Abu Dhabi as a locale for clinical research trials including the facilities provided to pharmaceutical companies and the highly accelerated review timelines that take place within just 8 to 15 days. These timelines are among the fastest in the world today. Additionally, the Emirate has been dedicated to providing world-class research facilities and protecting distinguished intellectual property.

Dr. Jamal Mohammed Alkaabi, Undersecretary of DoH, said, “In line with Abu Dhabi’s efforts to lay a foundation of innovation across various sectors, we at DoH have been keen to shed light on what makes our healthcare sector a distinguished one. Particularly, we have channelled our efforts to highlight the Emirate as a hub for clinical research trials in line with the highest standards and global practices.”

“We continue our work at DoH to support clinical research and expand its scope in the Emirate and review the current and future opportunities that institutions in the field can seize. Abu Dhabi is an incubator for global partnerships and cooperation between the public and private sectors and a nucleus for launching innovative health solutions that advance healthcare and enhance its outputs and quality,” Alkaabi added.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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