Dar Al Ber Society offers AED14.4 million to 4,695 humanitarian cases

UMM AL QAIWAIN, Over the course of the past year, the Needy Families Committee in Umm Al Qaiwain, affiliated with the Dar Al Ber Society, aided and launched humanitarian and charitable initiatives, benefiting 4,695 humanitarian cases, at a total cost of AED14,419,961, distributed among 20 charitable causes.

Ali Hassan Al-Assi, Chairman of the Needy Families Committee at Dar Al Ber, stressed that the committee plays a vital and very important role in the local community in the Emirate of Umm Al Qaiwain and other emirates in the country. It focuses on the vulnerable and needy segments, such as families with limited income and financially insolvent patients, disadvantaged students, widows and orphans, people of determination and others.

He explained that the payment of housing rent topped the category of life and livelihood. The committee helped the needy in Umm Al Qaiwain and other emirates, in terms of cost, which amounted to AED2,388.509, benefitting 244 families. The payment of school fees ranked second, and focused on 346 non-citizen students. The financially needy were paid AED2,130,230, followed by sponsoring of the university tuition fees of 98 students, of both genders, for AED1,470,151.

Ali Al-Assi added that the assistance for financially insolvent patients was done by bearing their treatment costs and that of medicines and medical devices valued at AED44,3651,2. Also paid was the construction of housing and the partial contribution to and maintenance of it, for the benefit of 52 low-income families, at a cost of AED1,110,343.

According to the head of the committee, the Ramadan distribution initiative, which provides foodstuff to people with limited income and fasting people, ranked seventh among the charitable work of the committee last year, at AED1 million, benefitting 1,600 people, followed by the payment of debts and receivables. The money owed by a segment of prisoners, at a total cost of AED998,678, benefitted 34 people and inmates in penal and correctional institutions, in addition to providing electrical appliances to 90 cases, at an estimated value of AED743,606.

Al-Assi indicated that the list of the Needy Families committee’s aid and initiatives in 2021, also included, respectively, according to its size and arrangement, the payment of electricity bills of old homes to needy families, fees for connecting electricity to new homes, and the provision of furniture to needy families. Aid was also allocated to people of determination, clothing for the Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha for children of poor families, distribution of vouchers that allow holders to purchase their needs of food and supplies, and aid directed to new converts to Islam, monthly food programmes, and support for widows and orphans.

Source: Emirates News Agency