Daman launches ambitious company-wide Emiratisation strategy

ABU DHABI, The National Health Insurance Company – Daman has launched a comprehensive five-year Emiratisation strategy, aimed to increase the numbers of UAE Nationals in specialised roles across its company.

The new strategy comes following the ‘Projects of the 50’ initiative and will cement Daman’s reputation as a preferred employer for young Emirati talents, allowing the insurer to continue its long-term leadership of the health insurance sector.

Daman will implement a plan to increase the numbers of qualified Emiratis in its teams by an estimated 50 percent by 2025.

The strategy will commence with the appointment and development of 50 UAE nationals in the health insurance sector. Currently, the UAE is the largest nationality represented by Daman’s diverse international workforce. The company stated that over the past five years, the Emiratisation rate at Daman has increased by around 40 percent.

The health insurer stated that increasing its rate of Emiratisation brings complexity, due to the specialised expertise required in the sector. This is particularly true in the health insurance industry, given the need for both medical experts and specialist teams of insurance actuaries and underwriters.

Hamad Al Mehyas, Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Insurance Company – Daman commented: “Since its inception, Daman has been committed to being a cornerstone of wider Emiratisation efforts. Over the last five years, we have fulfilled this commitment through an investment of AED 500 million in programmes for our workforce. Among other initiatives, these investments have included the development of the local workforce, the training of Emirati employees, and co-operation with both educational and professional entities, bringing in international expertise to train future generations.

Concluding, Al Mehyas said: “Daman is immensely proud of our leading efforts in Emiratisation over the past fifteen years. We are confident that through education, particularly in globally-required technical skills, our company will continue to actively contribute to the UAE’s economy. We will support our nation’s economic ambitions for the next 50 years through our strategy of creating a professional environment that attracts the very best Emirati minds.”

Last quarter,, the company welcomed a new cohort of its Graduate Development Programme, which aims to help new graduates enter the health and insurance fields.

The programme covers a range of specialist and vocational soft skills such as: understanding insurance operations, leadership skills, project management, effective communication and problem solving.

The comprehensive programme will last 18 months and is being conducted in close coordination with several strategic government partner to ensure a well-rounded experienced for these future executives.

Over the past five years, Daman has delivered about 35,000 hours of training in total to UAE citizens as part of its intensive career programmes. It also said that it has been successful in attracting Millennial and Generation-Z Emiratis who aspire to join a multicultural professional sector and contribute to society through working in the healthcare sector.

Source: Emirates News Agency