Daesh kills dozens of civilians in Afghanistan

HERAT, Afghanistan, 26th October, 2016 (WAM) — Suspected Daesh fighters have killed dozens of civilians in the remote Afghan province of Ghor, Reuters are reporting today.

A provincial official on Wednesday told the agency that the attacks were in revenge for the death of one of their commanders.

“Afghan police killed a Daesh commander in Ghor province during an operation yesterday, but Daesh fighters abducted some 30 civilians from near the provincial capital and shot them all dead in revenge,” said Abdul Hai Khatibi, a spokesman for the governor.

The killings followed an attack by militants near Feroz Koh, the provincial capital, on Tuesday.

Ghor, in central-western Afghanistan, has not been known as a major centre for the terror group, which has been concentrated in the eastern state of Nangarhar, added Reuters.