Cyclone Kyarr wind speeds to reach 230km/hr: NCM

ABU DHABI, Cyclone Kyarr has transgressed into a category 4 type tropical cyclone on the east of the Arabian Sea, the National Centre of Meteorology, NCM, said on Sunday.

In a statement, the NCM reported Cyclone Kyarr’s estimated wind speeds would reach between 220 and 230 km/hr, accompanied by “intense” convective rainy clouds.

The centre expects Cyclone to continue moving west-northwestward and could develop into a category 5 type cyclone, with estimated wind speeds reaching a maximum of 265 km/hr over the next 24-hour period.

As for its impact on the UAE, the NCM said that the Cyclone may incur rough seas over the country’s east coast on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, with a water surge occurring during high tide on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Source: Emirates News Agency