Commander of Al-Wahhabi Brigades: America & Britain’s targeting of Yemeni unity will fail to meet awareness of Yemeni people

The commander of the Wahhabi Brigades, Major General Bakil Saleh bin Saleh Al-Wahhabi, confirmed on Friday that the international plot to target Yemeni unity will be shattered in front of the will of the Yemeni people in the north, south, east and west.

In a statement to SABA, General Al-Wahbi stated that the Western plot led by the United States and the United Kingdom and the United Nations cooperation towards targeting Yemeni unity has become open and clear, and cannot be accepted or ceded even an inch of Yemen’s territory. The Yemeni people’s pride and strength in their unity.

He pointed out that those calling for secession from the occupied governorates were only United Arab Emirates instruments and had no weight or weight in the southern governorates.

“The United States, Britain and the Coalition of Aggression states seek to thwart peace negotiations, renounce commitment to the rights of the people and the homeland by targeting Yemeni unity, fuelling conflict and supporting militias to speak for the South.”

Most of the southern components of Yemen stand with the unity of Yemen and demand correction and redress of the corrupt regime’s 33-year legacy of abusive and out-of-framework Yemeni unity. This is agreed upon by the majority of the Yemeni people and their components and can be addressed in accordance with institutional frameworks under the umbrella of national sovereignty and the Yemeni Constitution.

General Al-Wahhabi added: “The unit is not a land and geographical unit, as seen by narrow entrepreneurs, but a national flesh and a Yemeni identity, a language, customs and tradition.”

The visit of the Abyan tribal elders’ delegation to the provinces of Bayda ‘, Dhamar and the capital, Sana’a, and the warm welcome and generosity it had received underscored the close interdependence of the one Yemeni people.

The Commander of the Wahhabi Brigades reiterated that the plots targeting Yemeni unity would fail with God’s permission, the steadfastness and sacrifice of the Yemeni people and the awareness of the people of the southern and eastern provinces.

At the end of his statement, General Al-Wahhabi expressed his congratulations to the leader of the revolution, Commander Abdulmalik Badraldin Al-Houthi, Chairman of the Supreme Political Council and members of the Council on the 33 National Day of the Republic of Yemen.

Source: Yemen News Agency