Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police visits Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services

ABU DHABI, 7th March, 2016 (WAM) – Major General Mohammed Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police and member of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has visited Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, accompanied by representatives of the security, justice and safety sectors affiliated to the Secretariat of the Council.

He was received by Humaid Al Qattami, Chairman of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Major General Abdul Quddus Al Obaidly, Vice-Chairman, Khalifa bin Dray, Executive Director of the corporation and other senior officials.

The visit comes within the efforts aimed at accomplishing one of the goals of the Abu Dhabi plan to “establish an integrated system for prevention and preparedness to ensure the safety of the community”. In addition, it aims at being acquainted with the leading experience of Dubai Ambulance Services and its services management at the level of the Emirate of Dubai.

The visit started by receiving the guests. Afterwards, a scenario of a mock evacuation experience was displayed, featuring a multi-casualty accident, during which the response, location management, case classification mechanism, rapid response and shortened time for assisting patients were all highlighted.

Guests further listened to Khalifa bin Dray’s description of all types of vehicles, modern mechanisms and top-notch devices used. Moreover, they watched the best emergency practices undertaken by the corporation and inspected the preparations for securing crises, emergencies and major incidents, in addition to the readiness of paramedics and trainers.

The visit included a review of the different types of utilised mechanisms, each according to the response level, such as amphibious vehicles, cars equipped for overweight patients and those with special needs, buses, and ICU vehicles.

The guests listened to a simplified explanation detailing the job of technical support cars, mother and child care units, largest ambulances worldwide, high-speed sports cars, responders, specialised golf cars, motorcycles and cycles.

Later, Major General Al Rumaithi, accompanied by senior officials in the corporation, visited the vocational training and community outreach sections. He listened to a briefing conducted by Khalifa bin Dray about the training plans designed pursuant to the international curricula and internationally adopted programmes. Further, he was presented with the corporation’s policy on community outreach, and communication with schools, universities and all beneficiaries, both governmental and private sector affiliated, to ensure the implementation of the objectives of the corporation.

The guests watched a documentary film about the establishment of the corporation, and the date of its launch as an independent corporation in 2006. It further featured the vision, mission and values of the corporation, the most important achievements, the most prominent statistics, the future plans, and the 20+ specialised services it offers to the community, in addition to its Smart Services.

They also listened to the experience of the corporation in integrating relief responsibilities, turning into an independent corporation in Dubai by combining patients’ transportation and treatment under one umbrella, to enhance creativity and focus. The two parties exchanged views on a number of topics of common interest, and decided to form a joint action committee.

The chairman of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services welcomed the distinguished visit, stressing that it comes within the framework of the efforts aiming at enhancing consultations, exchanging of ideas and experiences, promoting joint action, and achieving the interests of both sides.

Bin Dray highlighted that the corporation puts its resources and expertise at the disposal of the brothers in the Security, Justice and Safety Committee of the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi, and is willing to co-operate with them fully and continuously, providing everything that may promote partnership and co-ordination, and achieve the supreme interests of the country.

At the end of the visit, the two sides exchanged gifts and commemorative shields. The head of the Security, Justice and Safety Committee expressed thanks to all the employees of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, hailing the quantum leap they managed to execute in the relief services, work procedures and system in Dubai.