Climate change amplifies challenges of water scarcity, limited arable land: Minister of Climate Change

DUBAI, Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Cabinet Member and Minister of Climate Change and Environment, said: “As leaders from 40 countries convene for the Leaders Summit on Climate in Washington, the world must come up with bold solutions to our biggest existential threat – climate change.

In a statement today, the minister said, “Climate change amplifies the challenges of water scarcity and limited arable land that have a significant negative impact on agriculture in regions across the globe. To overcome these issues, we must adopt climate-smart cultivation techniques, such as vertical farming, hydroponics, organic farming, and controlled-environment agriculture. Maximizing yields, optimizing resource use, and reducing emissions, these practices address the critical water-energy-food nexus. Innovation plays a key role in devising new agricultural methods and technologies that help enhance the sustainability of the sector and boost food security.

“Agriculture has been on top of the agenda for the UAE since the establishment of the country by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Our wise leadership continues the legacy of our founding father with its forward-looking vision for the development of the sector that has enabled us to make great strides in agricultural R&D and the adoption of groundbreaking agri-tech.

“The announcement of the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM-C) is the next step in our efforts that reinforces the UAE’s pioneering position in climate action. I am confident that the initiative will go a long way in attracting investment to agricultural R&D that will, in turn, fast-track the development and deployment of cutting-edge solutions in the vital sector worldwide. Only this way can we preserve our precious natural resources for future generations.”

Source: Emirates News Agency