Chinese Game Publisher Shinezone Enters Middle East Market, with UAE as the first stop

SHANGHAI, May 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Chinese game publisher and exporter Shanghai Shinezone Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Shinezone) today announced the company’s intent to enter the Middle East market. Shinezone founder and CEO Frank Lee said the company has been invited to World Game Expo (WGE) 2017 taking place in Abu Dhabi on May 10, and plans to take the opportunity to explore the region’s game market. Initially, the company plans to enter the market through product agencies, commissioned development and licensing of intellectual property rights.

The Middle East has become a target market for many of the Chinese game publishers seeking to expand internationally, in part due to the region’s promising market outlook, and in part due to it being one of the key regions targeted by the Chinese government’s One Belt, One Road policy, the initiative to build economic ties with the countries that lie along the ancient trade routes linking China to Europe. “Shinezone, as a powerful export platform for games published in China, has been operating with a global perspective. With years of experience in operations overseas, Shinezone plans to adapt its games to the local market in the Middle East,” said Lee.

Shinezone’s game incubation center has been given substantial free rein as to how it manages its operations, including responsibility for its own finances, HR and profitability, as well as a high level of support in terms of accessibility to financial, technical, operational and human resources. This allows for continuous output of quality games, which, in turn, assures the ongoing competitiveness of the company, while significantly improving the percentage of successful game releases across the product development roadmap. As its global strategy advances, the expectations in terms of output from the Shinezone incubation team is expected to grow exponentially.

Shinezone has issued 23 products across five categories including SIM, Tower Defense, Strategy, RPG and MOBA, covering 18 countries and regions, with a cumulative user base consisting of several hundred million players.