China Beidou System is Ushering in a Golden Decade

WUHAN, China, Sept. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by

On 23 September, Wuhan, which has successfully fought COVID-19, hosted the China Beidou System (BDS) Applications Conference. Present at the conference were 700 experts, officials and entrepreneurs, as well as company representatives from BDStar Navigation, Amap, Allystar, Unistrong and Wuhan Exsun. Delegates agreed that China’s BDS PNT(Positioning, Navigation and Timing) industry has just started and is ushering in a golden decade of rapid growth.

Zhou Xianwang, mayor of Wuhan, said that Wuhan, an important city for BDS construction and industrial development in China, is accelerating Beidou industry innovation, application promotion and enterprise development with first-class talents and services, and striving to make Wuhan a new highland for Beidou industry innovation and development.

Yu Xiancheng, president of the GNSS and LBS Association of China, said the Beidou industry in China has reached about $58.8 billion and the industrial ecology has taken shape. China’s Beidou is the first-class Beidou and the world’s Beidou as well. The application and space-time services of Beidou technology will become more popular in China and the world, ushering in a golden decade of development opportunities.

It’s reported that China is the third country in the world to have PNT independently. At present, BDS basic products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions, and Beidou-based land ownership confirmation, precision agriculture, digital construction and smart ports, etc. have been successfully applied in ASEAN, South Asia, Eastern Europe, West Asia and Africa. (Shi Hua)