Cessation of hostilities in Syria is holding despite some incidents, says UN chief

GENEVA, 29th February 2016 (WAM) – The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon has said that by and large, the cessation of hostilities in Syria is holding despite some incidents.

“As of now, I can tell you that by and large, the cessation of hostilities is holding, even though we have experienced some incidents. But the Task Force and all other members of this ISSG are now trying to make sure that this does not spread any further and this cessation of hostilities can continue,” Ban told the reporters today.

“This morning, I have received a briefing from Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura and also, I had the opportunity of meeting the members of the Task Force. I was very much touched as well as assured by the hard-working members of the Task Force under the leadership of Staffan de Mistura. There were representatives of the United States and Russia and all other countries. They are working in one Task Force room to monitor, and there is our office in Damascus and the United States and Russia, they are also closely monitoring the situation,” he added.

he expressed the hope that with this cessation of hostilities continuing, “first of all we can continue to deliver life-saving humanitarian assistance to many people, at least 400,000 people who are living in besieged areas, and also at the same time, Staffan de Mistura is going to convene – resume – this Syrian parties’ political dialogue on March 7, as was already announced. So it is absolutely important and crucial that the parties keep their promises. That is very important.”