Nobel peace laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus: SDGs are defined and should be achieved

SHARJAH, –Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize winner, has highlighted the significance of sustainable development whose goals are defined and adopted by the United Nations.

“There are 17 goals and we hope they will be achieved by 2030. So, there is a global commitment,” he said.

All world problems have been defined and need to be taken care of within the span of the next fifteen years- from 2016 to 2030, he noted.

“All nations have to combine their energy to make this happen as we are running short of time; otherwise, this hope for the society will fall apart.”

“There are many more problems facing the world like climate change, which need more time to be resolved, but we have to start from now. It is the responsibility of both governments and citizens to find solutions,” Dr. Yunus further said.

Dr. Muhammad Yunus is a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur, banker, economist, and civil society leader who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank and pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance.

Source: Emirates News Agency