Bidders in Dubai Courts’ e-auctions increase to over 159,000

DUBAI — A smart real estate and car sales index established by Dubai Courts continues to make great strides since its launch six years ago, boosting confidence in the state-of-the-art technologies adopted by the emirate of Dubai, with the number of its consumers increasing to over 159,000 from different parts of the world.

The Dubai Courts has previously entered Guinness Book for most expensive property sold via an e-auction conducted through smart applications.

Commenting on the sustained successes achieved by the department, Tarish Eid Al Mansouri, Director-General of Dubai Courts, has stated that the value of e-auctions staged by the authority has always been on the rise over the past years, reflecting bidders’ confidence in the smart services launched to cater to needs of different segments of society as they save time, effort and cost to customers and partners.

“The number of bidders using the auctions over the past six years increased to 159,862 from different parts of the world,” he said, highlighting that a 30-minute e-session recently witnessed transactions worth more than AED1.6 billion.

Source: Emirates News Agency