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BUCHAREST, ROMANIA / ACCESSWIRE / April 18, 2022 / Cryptocurrency regulations are increasing almost as fast as projects appear. With rug pulls becoming more prevalent, it is no surprise that governments are increasing requirements for licensing. Likewise, investors and enthusiasts are becoming more cautious where they put their efforts – with good reason. However, portfolio building, and diversity are still essential to retail and institutional investors.

Those facts have increased the problems that millions of people face and make decision-making more problematic than the cryptocurrency markets once were.

Furthermore, the inherent lack of trust poses a problem for the legitimate crypto projects emerging. The genuine project builders find it more of a challenge to acquire the capital they need to evolve – leaving a lot of unique use-cases and developers on the table without room for evolution.

The broad spectrum of investors is now looking to low-cap projects for their ventures. However, looking at the next generation of ventures is as easy to be left as empty-handed as ever.

The BHero Launchpad is designed, operated, and overseen by a team that has proven itself in the industry. They will use their expertise and connections to extract the prime groups with first-rate use-cases and ensure full adoption to all current and upcoming regulations, including licensing KYC and AML checks.

As the first mainnet project of BH Network (, the team is excited to launch their own token on the BHero launchpad. The first listing will be a freelancing marketplace with a complete footprint in blockchain, which will offer low latency, low fee, high-security benefits that current fiat marketplaces cannot offer.

The BH Network marketplace vision is to lead freelancing marketplace innovation and expand possibilities for individuals, businesses, and customers through blockchain technology, changing the way freelancers and businesses buy and sell digital services with a non-biased view, no wait times for payment, zero manipulation, and high-end blockchain security.

Putting confidence back into the cryptocurrency system is the prime aim of BHero, no matter what rule changes appear.

BHero will be a complete cryptocurrency launchpad for start-ups and NFT projects and their investors looking to follow cryptocurrency’s safer, legal route.

The experienced team will help with the following:

  • Gaining investments
  • Legal requirements
  • General advice
  • Marketing
  • Tokenomics setup and execution
  • Connections in the field
  • Gaining project awareness within the crypto space
  • Incubator services (selected projects only)
  • And more.

If you want to find out more about the future of creating and investing in Web 3.0 projects, go to the website and see what is on offer.
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