OIC welcomes temporary ceasefire in Afghanistan

JEDDAH, The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, OIC, has welcomed the ceasefire declared by President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan and the Taliban leadership, and urged for making it a permanent one.

The Afghan President announced an eight-day ceasefire from the 27th Ramadan until the 5th day of Eid al-Fitr following the Fatwa issued by the broad Afghan Ulema. The Taliban leadership also issued a declaration of ceasefire during three days of Eid al-Fitr.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Yousef Al Othaimeen, Secretary-General of the OIC, said, “The Muslim Ummah, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation commend and welcome the declaration of the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban and they appeal to the Afghan nation to adhere to the ceasefire call in line with sense of respect for divine principles of Islam and patriotism.”

He added, “The noble Afghan nation is tired and has been losing blood of innocent children as a result of decades-long internecine conflict imposed upon them, and it is high time for all Afghans to lay down arms and engage in constructive dialogue towards restoration of lasting peace, security and stability, essential for rebuilding their devastated country.”

The OIC Secretary-General assured the government and people of Afghanistan that the Organisation will stand firmly behind them as they march towards the path of peace and reconciliation.

Source: Emirates News Agency