At the Arab Labor Conference.. Al-Asadi praises the efforts of the Arab Labor Organization in serving labor and worker issues

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Labor Organization, Ahmed Al-Asadi, confirmed that the organization has achieved many achievements during the past year, as a result of cooperation between the Board of Directors and the Director of the Organization.

Al-Asadi said in his speech at the 49th session of the Arab Labor Conference held in Egypt and will continue until May 29: “The organization has carried out many activities for the benefit of the three production parties (governments, employers, and workers), as well as with regional organizations,” while expressing his hope that the Arab Labor Conference comes out in its current session with more recommendations that serve labor and workers.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Labor Organization condemned the continuous attacks on the Palestinian territories that are inconsistent with the human rights charters, and called on the Arab countries to support the employment strategy in the Palestinian territories, while he welcomed the return of Syria to its Arab surroundings and Arab reunification.

Al-Asadi also referred to the success represented by the social protection program and the launch of the increase of professions platform, as well as the launch of the new retirement and social security law for workers, after more than fifty years of the law in force.

He concluded his speech by inviting all Arab delegations to hold the work of the next session / 50 / in Baghdad, the cradle from which this organization emerged.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency