Armstrong’s legacy continues to flourish, UAE Papers

Abu Dhabi: Neil Armstrong, the first man to land on the moon, has died; but the human curiosity to explore and determination to achieve, which he personified, will continue to live, a UAE paper commented.

“Despite being hampered by some financial restraints at present, humanity’s efforts to explore space, for both commercial and purely scientific reasons, is achieving new successes every day,” Gulf News said in its today’s editorial titled “Armstrong’s legacy continues to flourish.” A rover from the United States is exploring Mars, in a mission that is pushing technological boundaries and reaching new scientific frontiers almost every hour. Russia, China and India, among others, have space programmes, while the International Space Station orbits the earth as testament to the fact that countries can work together for a common purpose. Besides governments, private companies are now also determined to find ways into space.

If the human race is to survive long into the future, it must eventually find new technology, resources and ultimately planets, to support life as we know it. It may be many, many years before space travel is common, but Armstrong will always be remembered as being in front of those that started the journey, the paper added.

Another newspaper “Khaleej Times” in its editorial titled ” The reluctant hero” said that even though Neil Armstrong evaded the spotlight all his life, he left behind a strong legacy. Space enthusiasts and scientists still continued to rave about “Armstrong’s dream”. Today, as Curiosity totters on Mars’ bumpy surface, looking for signs of life, the world waits for a day when man will set step on the red planet. But till then, Armstrong’s feat, as his fellow astronaut Edwin Aldrin aptly said, will continue to be recognised.