‘Archaeology 46’ awareness campaign launched in Sharjah

SHARJAH The Sharjah Archaeology Authority, SAA, on Wednesday, inaugurated its first ever awareness campaign, “Archaeology 46,” primarily aimed at highlighting the importance of protecting the archaeological and material heritage of the emirate of Sharjah.

As part of this campaign, several activities introducing vital aspects of its diverse heritage will be organised until 28th March, 2020.

The official launch ceremony for the campaign was held at the Cultural Palace in Sharjah, in the presence of Dr. Sabah Abboud Jassim, Director General of SAA; Eisa Yousif, Director of the Excavation and Archaeological Sites and tangible heritage at the authority; Asma Al Suwaidi, General Supervisor of the “Archaeology 46” campaign, and several employees from the authority and representatives of various media.

“By launching the campaign, we look forward to establishing a strong understanding of Sharjah’s archaeological history. We wish to educate people about our role in discovering various archaeological excavations, and show them the studies and analyses pertaining to these discoveries, thus providing them with a gateway to our diverse history,” said Dr. Sabah.

During the ceremony, several local figures who contributed to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the emirate, under the programme of “Archaeological Heritage Protectors”, were recognised for their exceptional contributions to preserving the emirate’s rich and diverse history.

The Archaeological Heritage Culture programme targeting employees of government institutions and visitors was launched as part of this campaign, to introduce them to the archaeological treasures of the emirate of Sharjah, while providing them with books and educational brochures. The programme was held in cooperation with the Sharjah Government Media Bureau, Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, and a number of local government institutions in the emirate.

As part of the campaign, several programmes will be organised, including community outreach programmes, media awareness programmes and programmes for tourists and visitors to educate them about the subject.

The importance of the “Archaeology 46” campaign lies in the fact that it aims to contribute towards developing archaeological awareness among various sections of society and enhance their sense of social responsibility about the need to preserve the emirate’s archaeological heritage material and the right of future generations to recognise it.

Source: WAM Emirates News Agency