Arab Summit: Sudan’s Envoy Voices Confidence in Arab Solidarity with His Country

The Special Envoy of the Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan, Ambassador Dafallah Al Haj Ali, affirmed his confidence in the Arab countries’ standing with Sudan to contain the current crisis and support it in the next phase of reconstruction, appreciating the humanitarian truce initiative by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States to end the fighting in Sudan.

In his speech at the 32nd regular session of the Arab League Council at the summit level today he said that Sudan rejoices in the signs of peace that are taking shape in the Arab region, with the return of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which confirms Saudi Arabia’s keenness and endeavor to achieve stability and security in the region, adding “You know that Sudan is located in a large region that includes 10 countries. It serves as the safety valve and mediator for this region. You can imagine what the repercussions will be for the entire region if this is undermined.” He reaffirmed his country’s firm position on the Palestinian cause, which is considered the top Arab issue, expressing his country’s strong condemnation of the recent Israeli violations in the Palestinian territories.

Source: Qatar News Agency