Arab Parliament condemns bombing of civilian and medical facilities in Syria

Cairo, 29th April, 2016 (WAM) – The pan-Arab parliamentary body has condemned the series of bombardments on civilian and medical facilities, including the shelling of a hospital in Aleppo, over the last two days in Syria.

In a statement today, Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, Speaker of the Arab Parliament, questioned the silence of the international community about the inhumane crimes in Syria, saying procrastination in putting an end to the Syrian crisis comes at the expense of the Syrian people’s blood.

”Would the world have kept silent if this crime had been committed in a place other than Syria?” he asked.

He noted that statements sympathising with the humanitarian situation in Syria were of no value if we looked at the painful reality on the ground.

He stated that the violation of the cessation of hostilities in this savage manner requires a powerful, decisive international action which ensures that such a gross violation does not occur again and an immediate solution is found which the Syrian people have been waiting for a long time so as to restore their freedom, security and stability.