Arab Coalition aircraft bomb Houthi militias south of Khalid ibn Al Waleed Camp, Yemen

HAYS, With the support of the UAE Armed Forces, fighter aircraft of the Arab Coalition Forces, led by Saudi Arabia, bombed military bases of the Iranian-backed Houthi militias south of Khalid ibn Al Waleed Camp while the legitimate Yemeni Armed Forces and Yemeni Resistance launched a surprise attack on the militias in farms east of Hays.

The air attack pushed the militias towards the Red Sea Coast front in the direction of Hays, which was liberated 10 days ago. The aircraft also destroyed military reinforcements near Al Qotaba, north of Al Khawkhah.

The raids resulted in significant loss of life and equipment to the militias while the legitimate Yemeni forces thwarted their attempts to infiltrate liberated areas. Coalition aircraft also destroyed the bases, fortifications, combat machinery and military reinforcements of the militias, which were heading towards Hays and the mountainous area of Al Hameli, part of Mawza District and east of Khalid ibn Al Waleed Camp.

The Yemeni Armed Forces and Yemeni Resistance also thwarted militia attacks on the western outskirts of Hays, which resulted in the deaths and wounding of over 43 militants.

Coalition aircraft are continuing to conduct air raids on the militias and destroy their military bases and equipment in Al Hameli.

The UAE Armed Forces, as part of the Arab Coalition Forces, is providing military and logistical support to land, air and maritime operations, as well as clearing liberated areas of remaining militants, to support Yemen in countering Iran’s plan, which it is implementing through the militias.

The country’s liberation is continuing along with basic and essential humanitarian operations, to provide relief to Yemenis and support them in overcoming their difficult conditions. The liberation is also being followed up by the clearing up of remaining militants, along with rehabilitation projects to restore the country’s normal living conditions.

The liberation of Hays and the advance north towards the Red Sea Coast of Yemen is a vital step in the country’s total liberation, through which the Arab Coalition Forces have dealt a fatal blow to the Iranian-backed coup in Yemen.

Source: Emirates News Agency