All desert users must care for the UAE’s fragile environment, says UAE daily

ABU DHABI, 15th January, 2016 (WAM) — The deserts of the UAE are part of its priceless natural heritage that are under continual threat from abuse by ignorant users. Over the past decades, the former vast areas of open sand have shrunk as metaled roads have been laid down and new communities have been built.

”The remaining desert areas need careful nurturing by those who use them which is why the Ministry of Environment and Water’s latest Desert Protection Campaign is so important.” said The Gulf News in its editorial on Friday It added that the Ministry will reach out to campers and off roaders to ensure that they are protective of the environment that they enjoy. It is very important that all desert users are aware of the impact of their visits to the UAE’s open spaces, and they need to take care how they drive, where they go, and how they clean up after their visit.

“A good example of responsible use of the desert is today’s Gulf News 35th Fun Drive, which allows hundreds of people to enjoy parts of the country that they may never normally see, but also insists that they are meticulous about their care for the precious desert environment,” the paper said.

It concluded that casual waste left lying around is one of the biggest problems in the desert. It is all too frequent to find some car parts and tyres, plastic food wrappers and drink cans, and all sorts of trash just left lying in the sand. “This not only disfigures the desert but is also a serious danger to its wildlife and it is of paramount important that all users treat the desert with respect.”