Al Midfa concludes participation in 86th UFI Global Congress in Bangkok

SHARJAH, The CEO of the Expo Centre Sharjah, Saif Mohamed Al Midfa, concluded his participation in the 86th UFI Global Congress, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand, to identify regional priorities, exchange ideas and plan for the future of the exhibition industry around the world.

The Congress saw the participation of over 550 specialists in the exhibitions sector from more than 50 countries.

Al Midfa participated in the annual event as a member of the board of directors for the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and a representative of the UAE as well.

During his speech at the conference, Al Midfa confirmed that the exhibitions industry has recently witnessed a qualitative transformation from merely leasing exhibitor space to facilitating business and making deals.

“The UAE has become one of the important hubs in the exhibitions industry, thanks to its unique location and outstanding infrastructure that contributes to the success of the industry, such as roads, transportation, and communications, in addition to ports, airports, and airlines, and well-equipped exhibition centres with the latest technologies and galleries that can accommodate hundreds of exhibitors,” Al Midfa underlined.

He also highlighted the Expo Centre’s experience as one of the distinctive destinations for international exhibitors and the achievements made by the centre since its inception, adding that this success is attributed to Sharjah’s position as one of the most important cities leading the exhibition industry in the region.

“The emirate of Sharjah has become a pioneering economic hub and a perfect destination for companies, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. This is clearly reflected in the emirate’s success in hosting a number of the most prominent international economic and cultural events which attract major institutions and brands to seize opportunities to reinforce their presence in the regional markets through Sharjah’s gate,” Al Midfa elaborated.

In conclusion, Al Midfa stressed that the UAE’s participation in this event was a perfect chance for enhancing relations with top officials from the most prominent international exhibitions, discussing areas of cooperation, establishing new partnerships and organising joint exhibitions in the future.

Source: Emirates News Agency