Ajman University ranks 1st for international students, faculty in QS Arab Rankings 2021

AJMAN, Ajman University announced that it was ranked first in the Arab world in the categories of “International Students” and “International Faculty” in the latest QS Arab Rankings 2021.

Boosted by this performance, the university rose 10 places in the rankings within a single year, ranking 35th this year among the Top 50 universities in the Arab region.

Last year, it debuted in the Arab region’s Top 50 list and has been consistently achieving academic success, propelling it several places higher in terms of excellence.

“This is another amazing success of the diligent efforts and exemplary dedication of many stakeholders over the past 32 years. Equally exciting is the news that we achieved even higher rankings in select categories in the Arab world, being first in the category of international students and first in the category of international faculty,” said Dr. Karim Seghir, Chancellor of Ajman University.

Another notable achievement of the university in this year’s QS Arab Rankings is its ascent to the 17th place in the category of “Employer Reputation,” an 18-point leap from its previous standing of 35th.

Graduates of Ajman University are respected as inclusive believers and innovative achievers and are in high demand locally and globally. Ajman University’s rise to the Top 35 in the Arab World is testament to its remarkable students, alumni, faculty, and staff.acc


Source: Emirates News Agency