ADPC holds meeting with Marfa Port stakeholders

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) held a meeting with shareholders and community leaders in Marfa, as part of its preparations to develop the first phase of the Port.

ADPC’s Vice President of Project Development, Waleed Al Tamimi, discussed the plans with important stakeholders, notably local commercial fishermen, led by Jumaa Bin Hathboor.

Parsons International Ltd was recently awarded the contract to provide consultancy services for the project of developing Marfa Port. Its scope includes the redesign of the port, in order to accommodate more than two hundred boats, with an additional boost for water recreational activities.

At the meeting, ADPC implemented the feedback from stakeholders into the plans for developing the port, fishing and recreational facilities.

The meeting was attended by Marfa fishermen, ADPC figureheads, Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council, the Western Region Development Council and Parsons International Ltd.

Al Tamimi said: “We were delighted with the clear messages coming from the Marfa fishing delegation. We were pleased to listen to their suggestions, since part of our job is to work with the local community and bring improvements for them and the other ports we manage in the Western Region.” Jumaa Bin Hathboor saw the meeting as highly successful: “We’d like to thank ADPC for listening to our suggestions. It’s clear that quite a lot of work needs to be done to improve fishing facilities and with their help, we will see changes coming in the near future. I welcome more meetings with ADPC and look forward to seeing progress.