ADP receives Silver Medal in dealing with radiation accidents

Abu Dhabi: The First responder team of the Ports and Airports Security Department at the Security and Ports Affairs General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police was awarded the Silver and Bronze medals for dealing with radiation accidents from the Seibersdorf Academy in Vienna.

The team members successfully passed a number of tests as part of three courses in the areas of “Radiation Protection Emergency Response”; “Radiation Protection Basics Course” and “Radiation Protection and Emergency Response Training for Incident Commanders” at the academy.

Colonel Khamis Musbah Al Marar, General Director of Ports and Airports Security Department, stated that this achievement, solely granted to the United Arab Emirates, as the first country in the Middle East to be awarded this medal, is an indicator of its ability and human potential in dealing with radiation accidents with high efficiency.

Al Marar noted that the team included members from the Emergency and Public Safety Department in order to benefit from the course; given that everyone is a partner in maintaining security and stability. He added that the team passed the designated tests, in accordance with the Austrian Radiation Protection laws and standards.

Colonel Al Marar emphasized that Abu Dhabi Police members, as confirmed by the Academy, were an example of discipline, perseverance and diligence, in order to benefit from the course’s curricula, noting that the determination and resolve of the team members, made them eligible to pass the difficult and rigorous tests of the Austrian Academy.

It is noteworthy that the team members received training and lectures at the Academy, to get acquainted with radioactive materials; the risks associated with nuclear and radiological incidents, as well as the necessary training on the required procedures and means to respond to such incidents, and Emergency Response Training for Incident Commanders.