ADIB showcases “Discovering Ka’aba” exhibition ‘&’ brings 244-year Old “Kiswah” to The UAE

BU DHABI: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a top-tier Islamic financial services institution, announced today that during the Holy Month of Ramadan, it showcases “Discovering Ka’aba”, a unique exhibition that portrays the story of Ka’aba, the most sacred monument in Islam. The exhibition will examine the significance of the Ka’aba and emphasize the tradition and culture of Islam.

“Discovering Ka’aba” presents a replica of the Ka’aba and a Kiswah that guarded once the door of the Holy Ka’aba and that dates back to the year 1181 A.H. (1767-1768 A.D.). The replica of the Ka’aba illustrates both its outer structure and its inner layout. It shows all special aspects including the black stone and (Maqa’am Al Ibrahim) or Prophet Abraham’s point. Rare photographs of the Ka’aba that depict its various facets will also be on display.

The exhibition will be hosted at the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, and can be viewed by the UAE community every day from 08:30 am to 12:00 midnight, until 24th August 2012. Viewers can get their pictures taken with the replica of the Ka’aba, the Kiswah and the rare photographs during their visit.

Trad Al Mahmoud, CEO of ADIB, said: “We were encouraged to bring “Discovering Ka’aba” to the UAE by the enormous response we got when we put a rare Kiswah on display here last year. We have acted upon the demand of the UAE community who see these sacred artifacts as part of our cultural identity. It is a great honour for us to be able to educate the UAE community about our culture and it is a way for us to reinforce our Shari’a inspired values.” The Ka’aba is located in the Holy City of Makkah, in the province of Hijaz on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. It is considered a unifying focal point for Muslims from the world over. They face towards its direction, also known as Qibla, while performing their prayers five times a day. It symbolizes their unity in worshipping one God.