ADEC gains first place at International ESRI’s GIS Competition

Abu Dhabi:Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has scored the first place at the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Competition at the International Education User Conference, San Diego, USA.

The event was organized by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) from July 20th until the 27th 2012, and attended by more than 15,000 participants from all over the world.

ADEC’s winning GIS application is called “i-ADEC”, a mobile application developed as an external portal not only for ADEC staff but also for parents and community members. The application provides school search capabilities, access to latest ADEC publications, news, and videos and allows users to send concerns and suggestions to ADEC’s central operation in different multimedia format where appropriate actions are taken.

Dr. Mugheer Khamais Al Khaili, ADEC’s Director General, said that the award recognizes the team efforts over the past years to apply the latest GIS/IT technologies in most of the academic and administrative areas.

Organizations and GIS specialists from all over the world contested over four GIS application categories, namely Web GIS, Mobile GIS, Desktop GIS and Map GIS where ADEC won the 1st place in Mobile GIS applications.

Dr. Alaaeldin Aly, a Division Director of Knowledge Management at ADEC participated in the conference commented that “Participants were impressed by i-ADEC application features due to its easiness of use and utilizing GIS features to present valuable information. The application is bilingual and provides simple, easy and multiple ways to find a school and browse its general information through interactive maps. The application detects the GPS location of the user and finds the shortest route to the located school. Users of i-ADEC are able to browse latest news, videos, and documents published by ADEC. This way, parents and members of the community can access ADEC’s latest news anywhere anytime from their mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad”.

Currently, ADEC is in the process of integrating the GIS with its Students Information System (eSIS) to maintain accurate students’ addresses and catchment areas for each school, which will help in automating the process and operation of students’ admission and transportation.