Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre launches Abu Dhabi Public Health Virtual Forum

ABU DHABI, Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre on Sunday launched the Abu Dhabi Public Health Virtual Forum.

The forum will feature a series of public health awareness webinars aimed at all segments of the community and age groups; including Abu Dhabi government employees, as well as local, federal and private entities.

The webinars will broadcast on the virtual platform Zoom, with a group of specialists from Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre hosting the sessions and experts from government and private entites from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The webinars – three sessions in November and two in December – will cover several public health topics such as mental health , family and school health, how to prevent childhood injuries, health care and telemedicine for the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases, duties of public health ambassadors, public health initiatives, and how to promote healthy lifestyles in the community.

The sessions will also shed light on the strategies undertaken by Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre to raise the level of health awareness, healthy living, and strengthen preventive measures in response to the current pandemic.

Dr. Omniyat Al Hajri, Director of the Community Health Department at Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, said, “This virtual forum comes as part of the strategies that Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre has adopted recently. It has become necessary to introduce new platforms in line with the current situation, to address the needs of the community and involve them in the planning process specifically regarding the latest health developments, statistics, preventative strategies and advances made in the health sector, whether locally, regionally or internationally and how to benefit from all of this through exchanging views, information, and experiences.

“After the recent spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to activate virtual platforms has never been greater, due to their important and positive role in completing work and monitoring performance remotely, while reaching the largest possible segment of the public within healthy, smooth and safe standards.”


Source: Emirates News Agency

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