Abu Dhabi Police smash international drug racket, seize 816 kg of narcotic substances

ABU DHABI, Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) and its partners have smashed a drug trafficking ring comprising 142 members of various nationalities and seized 816kg of narcotic substances.

Brigadier Taher Al Dhaheri, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Directorate of APD’s Criminal Security Sector, said that the anti-narcotics men monitored random messages sent through a social media platform containing pictures, videos and audio messages to promote drugs and claiming their ability to deliver these illegal substances anywhere in the country.

The gang leaders used international phone numbers to spread propaganda randomly to promote narcotic substances, he explained.

After launching a search and investigation, the anti-narcotics officers nabbed the drug peddlers when they were trying to place the drugs in separate locations for delivery, he said.

Abu Dhabi Police dealt a painful blow to the drug traffickers and distributors, catching them red-handed and referred them to the judiciary for trial, he added.

He urged the public, in case they received messages promoting narcotic substances, not to deal with them in any way. They should block the number and immediately report it to the Aman service on the number 8002626.

Source: Emirates News Agency