Abu Dhabi non-oil foreign merchandise trade stands at AED 213.3 bn in 2019

ABU DHABI, The value of non-oil foreign merchandise trade through Abu Dhabi ports amounted to AED 213.3 billion in 2019, according to figures released by the Statistics Centre- Abu Dhabi.

The figures showed a 9.2 percent decrease in imports from AED113.0 bn in 2018 to AED 102.5 bn in 2019, while the value of re-exports increased by 9.8 pct to AED52.8 bn compared to the same period of 2018.

The total trade increased by 2.2 percent in December 2019 over the same month in 2018, driven by a growth in re-exports and exports by 6.5 pct, and 4.2 pct respectively, while the value of imports dropped by 1.3 pct in the same period.

Saudi Arabia comes on top of Abu Dhabi’s trade partners with a total amount of AED55.3 bn, followed by the US, AED13.16 bn, China, AED 11.5 bn, Japan, AED10.65 bn and then Kuwait, AED10.3 bn.

Manufactures topped the list of most exported merchandise, with a total amount of around AED45. F&B exports are valued at AED6 bn; consumer goods amounted to AED3.43 bn, while production articles stood at AED2.33 bn.

Transport equipment and parts took the lion’s share of re-exports during the reference period, AED24.11 bn, followed by consumer goods, AED10.13 bn and production articles, AED9.8 bn.

Manufactures accounted for AED43 bn of the emirate’s imports followed by transport equipment and parts, AED24.61 bn, production articles, AED16.1 bn, consumer goods, AED11.8 bn and finally F&B, AED6.15 bn.

Source: Emirates News Agency