Abu Dhabi Municipality opens new Swimming Beach expansions at Abu Dhabi Corniche

Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has recently completed expansion works in the Swimming Beach of Abu Dhabi Corniche and opened it for beachgoers, thus offering more swimming areas on most parts of Abu Dhabi Corniche while caring to offer top-class services to beach visitors.

Dr. Badriya Al Dhahri, Director of Community Services at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said: “The highly advanced development Abu Dhabi Corniche project is a result of the huge success made by the Swimming Beach of Abu Dhabi Corniche, considering the superior services offered by the Municipality and the high global profile enjoyed by the Beach; which has recently been accredited with the international Blue Flag status; culminating the adoption of world-class standards in service ‘&’ health fields, and addressing the requisites of health ‘&’ safety as well as the ideal civilized environment.

“The new expansions comprise two separated areas along the expansion of the Corniche. The new expansion has a capacity to accommodate 1500 to 3000 persons and the Municipality is keen on providing every means of entertainment and environment suitable for practicing various sports such as a football pitch and volleyball playground.

Commenting on other services offered at the new Beach, Badriya said: “The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City is firmly committed to a host of service standards ‘&’ specifications; which stem from the global standing enjoyed by Abu Dhabi beaches. In this context, the Municipality is focusing on addressing the requirements of security, safety, public health, and the environment of the Beach, and for this purpose it provided huge technical ‘&’ physical resources. Five qualified lifeguards and instructors have been deployed to support beachgoers and ensure the highest degree of safety for visitors, and also deployed four security guards to protect the Beach and ensure the implementation of safety measures in respect of all visitors; a move which reflects the Municipality’s commitment to the security ‘&’ safety of the public.

As the Beach started to attract wide public turnout, the number of commercial ‘&’ service outlets as well as restaurants started to grow to 26 outlets that offer a cocktail of juices, foods, pastries and summering ‘&’ recreational accessories. The Beach includes a host of stylish service facilities, including 47 baths for men ‘&’ women, 35 showers and 52 changing rooms.

“The Beach receives visitors daily from 07:00 am up to 06:00 pm and during this period they can practice swimming, but visitors are also welcomed daily from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm but no swimming service will be offered after 06:00 pm. The other Beach facilities will receive visitors from 10:00 am up to 12:00 am (midnight). The period from April to November is usually the busiest for the beachgoers, and the Beach hosts several festivals as well as a diverse cast of local ‘&’ international events.

“The parking lot parallel to the Beach, which has a capacity to accommodate 1500 vehicles, is designated to serve visitors, and the Beach is also fitted with a First Aid room equipped with all first aid kits for the service of visitors,” he added.

It is worth-mentioning that the Swimming Beach can accommodate more than 15 thousand persons, and houses several sports facilities such as 5 volleyball playgrounds, 2 football pitches, 4 children playgrounds, and 3 playing fields in Families Section.