Abu Dhabi abattoirs ready for Eid al-Fitr

Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City announced that all slaughterhouses stand ready for delivering services with the advent of Eid Al Fitre in a streamlined manner that meets the needs of the public during Eid Al Fitr, with service timing in public slaughterhouses of Abu Dhabi as well as Bani Yas and Shahama fixed from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

In Abu Dhabi Automatic Slaughterhouse, imported meat consignments will be received and stored in chilled stores without distributing them or practicing slaughtering activities during the first and second day of Eid such that the Slaughterhouse will resume the slaughtering activities starting from the third day of the Eid.

The Municipality cautioned the public against slaughtering animals in their houses and residential areas or in any other place outside Slaughterhouses, in order to preserve the public health ‘&’ safety, ensure that all animals to be slaughtered are subjected to veterinary tests, and avoid the spreading of diseases as well as smearing the beautiful image of the city.

The Municipality stressed the importance of consulting a veterinarian at the livestock market and Slaughterhouse to offer advice on all matters relating to the slaughtered animals and have a vet opinion on protecting the community from diseases and epidemics. It called on the public to read the awareness bulletins posted in abattoirs waiting lounges.

Khalifa Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director of Public Health at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said: “A number of elements provided by slaughterhouses ensure carrying out the slaughtering process in a safe manner. These include pre and post-slaughtering veterinary inspection, healthy ‘&’ legitimate slaughtering by qualified and licensed professional butchers, and the proper disposal of slaughtering wastes such as blood, hides and inconsumable parts through the safe and healthy disposal of wastes which are not good for human consumption in a way that contributes to maintaining a safe ‘&’ clean health environment as well as the beautiful profile of Abu Dhabi city.

The Municipality stressed that there would be no change in the fees applicable to the slaughtering of animals and the same previously approved fee structure shall prevail; which is 15 dirham per goat/sheep, 40 dirham per calf/young camel, and 60 dirham per older cow/camel. Such fees include chopping of the slaughtered sheep or goat into 4 pieces, and camels ‘&’ cows into 6-8 pieces, depending on the request of the customer.

During the month of Ramadan, slaughterhouses of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City managed to meet the rising public demand through intensifying preparations and stepping up the readiness of slaughterhouses where the number of livestock slaughtered and processed in Abu Dhabi abattoirs during the month reached 40,694 animals spanning sheep, goats, cows and camels.

Animals processed in Abu Dhabi abattoirs (Automatic ‘&’ Public Slaughterhouses, as well as Bani Yas and Shahama Slaughterhouse) included 28,626 goats, 10,700 sheep, 858 cows, and 510 camels. These figures illustrate the success of the prior preparations announced by the Municipality through stepping up the readiness, adopting the best health standards, and modifying the service time to as much as 16 hours per day throughout week days in a bid to ease the pressure ‘&’ congestion and slash the waiting time to the least possible level.

The Public Slaughterhouse topped the list in terms of slaughtered ‘&’ processed animals during Ramadan comprising 18,317 animals (3,111 sheep, 14,714 goats, 347 cows, and 145 camels), followed by Bani Yas Slaughterhouse which processed 16,245 animals (5,667 sheep, 10,158 goats, 162 cows, and 258 camels), next came Shahama Slaughterhouse which slaughtered 5,162 animals (1,894 sheep, 3,204 goats, 34 cows and 30 camels), followed by the Automatic Slaughterhouse which processed 970 animals (28 sheep, 550 cows, and 77 camels).