About Us

Who we are?

Emirates News Release are considered as the reliable source of getting news of the corporate sector of UAE and the MENA Region. Our news website caters the news of sectors such as commerce, energy, communication, sports and politics. One of the core objectives of our website is to support the economic boom of the gulf countries and make the Arab world contribute to boost up overall world’s economy. You will find the diversity in the content of our website and people can find the content according to their interest in our website. We encourage many startup businesses and some famous brands to use our platform and avail the service of press release distribution of our news website in order to grab the specific audience and turn them into loyal customers for your business. The attribute of our news website is” Emirates News Release” through which we highlight current happenings of every sector and let people know about it in order to stay informed.

Our Aim is to improve the Arab region’s economy

One of the major purposes of our news website is to compel the leaders of the Arab world to find the most right approach to boost up the economy of this specific region. The reason of focusing on the economic boom in the Arab region is to make everyone understand that “the economy of the Arab world has a direct impact on the overall economic situation of the world. Through Emirates News Release on our website, you may witness that how much we are focused on contributing to accelerating the economic growth of the Arab world, as that is the most important concern of the common people.

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Since the social media has also become the stakeholder when it comes to the world’s economic and political situation, there is the intense need for any news website to be much active on social media sites. That is why we do not overlook the importance of social media and we believe that social media is the one platform that helps us to find what people think about our credibility, professionalism and our way of sharing news.

Our credibility

We gather the news from credible sources and we also keep on checking their credibility as it is necessary in order to publish authentic news. As we share the credible news on our website it makes people attract towards our website and trust it to be the reliable source to get the news of different sectors.

The most valuable asset of journalism is to treat its viewers with respect and address every news information with clearity and transparency. Therefore, in conformity with universally accepted norms, Emiratesnewswire.com upholds the highest possible ethical standards and ensures that the content is fair, unbiased and accurate.

Our Mission

Present the diverse news information, opinions and analysis without being biased and partial.