Abandoned buildings will be demolished: DM

_: The demolition unit of Dubai Municipality has demolished and removed 40 buildings and abandoned yards since the beginning of the current year until the end of second quarter.

The demolished buildings had posed health threat, security risk and distortion of the aesthetic view of the emirate, said Eng. Jabir Ahmed Abdullah, Head of Building Inspection Section of Building Department at Dubai Municipality.

“The buildings are demolished due to the lack of response from the owners after proper notification by the building inspection section, in addition to the warning through the newspapers and TV and radio channels.”

Jabir said the negative effects and risks caused by these buildings and yards are many. Some of them have been used for different types of crimes, delinquencies and harbouring infiltrators and fugitives. it is dangerous to the environment, public health and causes to the accumulation of waste and spread of insects and rodents.

In addition, these places are exploited for the practice of illegal economic activities (as warehouses for storing goods or unauthorized manufacturing). Moreover, it obstacles the re-planning and development of the structural plan of urban areas.

He urged the owners of remaining abandoned buildings and yards to cooperate with the civic body and to response to its instructions for the maintenance works as well as to close it firmly.

Currently there are 368 buildings and yards to be demolished as per the latest survey. The demolition unit has recently executed 44 application for demolition to remove different building violations such as removal of additions and random facilities like tents, caravans and umbrellas, in addition to 27 demolitions by authorized companies,’ he said.

He noted that the municipality would spare no effort to correct the status of building violations whose owners do not respond to the directives of the municipality posing many negative effects on society.

He praised the role played by DEWA and Dubai Police with Municipality to correct the status of building violations and thanked the strategic partners from other service departments which helped DM to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the city. He also urged the public to cooperate with the civic body reporting such violations by calling its hotline: 800900.