A Series of Awareness Workshops about the New Human Resources Law in the Federal Government

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently held a series of awareness-raising workshops on Federal Decree-Law No. (49) of 2022 regarding the new Human Resources Law in the federal government, which entered into force as of 2nd of January 2023.

The first phase of awareness included holding five virtual workshops, attended by more than 1,700 employees working in federal ministries and authorities. Additional general and specialized workshops are scheduled to be held in the next phase.

These workshops come as the FAHR seeks to ensure the proper application of human resources legislation in the federal government, and to prepare federal government employees, specialists in human resources and legal affairs in federal ministries and authorities and make them aware of the new law and inform them of its most prominent aspects and advantages.

The new law is intended to enhance the flexibility of human resources legislation in the federal government, support the achievement of future directions for leadership, and the objectives of the vision of “We Are the UAE 2031”. This vision focuses on building the most pioneering and superior system by enhancing government performance and developing flexible work models that contribute to achieving the best results and building a future model for management of human resources and government competencies.

The law keeps pace with changes in the work environment over the past years. In addition, it enhances the legislative flexibility of the government human resources system through continuous updating of regulations and policies. Further, it focuses on developing a stimulating and empowering work environment for employees.

The new law establishes new work and employment patterns commensurate with developments in the work environment. It also gives the authorities flexibility to achieve the best levels of performance, productivity and efficiency. The law adopts the development of government human resources departments that support building an incubating and enabling work environment for employees and supervises the implementation of legislation in a way that contributes to speeding up procedures and achievement according to cutting-edge governance practices.

Source: Federal Authority for Government Human Resources