75% of Al Jalila Children’s patients use ‘Telehealth’ services

DUBAI, Al Jalila Children’s Speciality Hospital recently launched its ”Telehealth service”, an electronic platform that allows families of children in need of medical attention to communicate with doctors and consultants at Al Jalila Children’s through direct video chat technology through their mobile phones.

In a statement by the hospital on Monday, the new service has proved to be highly popular among existing and new patients alike, with 75 percent of all consultations now being done through the telehealth service.

Al Jalila Children’s Telehealth is a consumer friendly electronic platform customised to give users a convenient, safe and secured access to premium patient care from anywhere without the need to visit the hospital. A team of highly experienced doctors and consultants are available for families with children previously treated in the hospital that require follow-up appointments, in addition to new patients, and second-opinions.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Awadhi, COO of Al Jalila Children’s, said, “We were keen, when launching the Telehealth service, to provide an easy to use and accessible-to-all electronic service, and ensure that it offers the same level of premium healthcare provided by the hospital through actual visits. We are very pleased with the overwhelming response, as the electronic appointments exceeded about 75% of the total hospital appointments.”

Dr. Al-Awadi added, “Being a smart hospital, we had adopted the most advanced systems and technologies since we started our operations, and the Telemedicine service was one among the first technologies that we developed because we believe that this service is the future of modern medicine. However, this service gained much more importance in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic for being an essential tool that contributes to the safety of our young patients and their families.”


Source: Emirates News Agency

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