3600 participated in the Authority’s activities during the UAE Innovates Month

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), concluded its activities for the month of the UAE Innovates 2022, during which it organized 18 innovative activities and initiatives targeting employees of ministries and federal entities, HR professionals and those interested in innovation generally.

In this regard, Meitha Kolthoum, Director of Strategy and Future Department, explained that the Authority held during the Innovation Month, 18 events that varied between training workshops, brainstorming sessions, and virtual knowledge forums targeting the Federal Government employees and the public, and benefiting more than 3600 people.

She indicated that during the UAE Innovates 2022 Month, the Authority focused on launching a set of innovative government human resources initiatives, and organizing many events and training workshops, in cooperation with 10 government and private sectors bodies. Of these, two new initiatives were launched at the Federal Government level: The Job Interview Platform using Artificial intelligence technology “Forsa”, in Arabic language, and another to develop HR officials in the Federal Government.

She indicated that the Authority’s various activities during the Innovation Month, month of the UAE innovates, has introduced the Federal Government employees to the importance of innovation and ways to adopt it as a workstyle reform method. She added that the most prominent activities during the month included a brainstorming session for employees of ministries and federal entities to discuss ways to develop the Professional Conduct & Ethics Document for the public job in the Federal Government.

Meitha Kolthoum said: “The Authority’s agenda during the UAE Innovates 2022 month, was marked by many virtual training workshops for Federal Government employees, which were held in cooperation with the Authority’s partners, including international organizations and companies specialized in human resources. These workshops included a design thinking workshop, and another workshop on the characteristics and advantages of the Authority’s smart application (FAHR), as well as the most important services it provides to its users.

“The Authority’s activities during the Innovation Month also featured a virtual session for the Human Resources Club, which was launched by the Authority in 2010, as a strategic platform to deal with the most important HR issues related to government work system, and other relevant matters. The session was titled (Adapting to Change in the Work Environment) and discussed the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on organizations around the world, and how it contributed to changing the prevailing work systems.”

Source: Federal Authority for Government Human Resources