300 rounds played since UAE Football League’s transition to professional era in 2008; Al Ain leading with 602 points

ABU DHABI, Since the launch of the UAE Pro League, better known as the Arabian Gulf League, in 2008, UAE fans have enjoyed a total of 300 rounds that were awash with powerful emotions of suspense, enjoyment, disappointment and happiness for various sports teams.

The League was founded in 1973 as the UAE Football League. The first 1973–74 season was a trial championship but was declared official by the UAE Football Association in 2001. Starting from the 2013–14 season the name was changed from UAE Pro League to Arabian Gulf League, which was named after the Arabian Gulf.

Prior to UAE League’s transition to the professional era in 2008, many clubs have competed in the country’s top tier division from 1973–74 to 2007–08.

According to the Forward Sport Management Centre, Al Ain Sports Club are by far the most successful club in the UAE. They have won a record of 602 points since the transition to the professional era since August 2008 through February 2021; playing 299 games; winning 180; tying in 62 and losing 57. They scored 653 goals, conceded 337, becoming the only team in the UAE that won more than 100 games from those they hosted, namely 101, losing 22, and tying 22 while scoring 356 goals and conceding 157.

The Abu Dhabi-based Al Jazeera come second with 300 games in 13 years; wining 174, tying in 61, losing 65; scoring 672 goals, conceding 400; and winning 583.

The Dubai-based Shabab Al Alhli come third with a total of 299 games, winning 167, tying 71, losing 61 and scoring 590 goals.

The Abu Dhabi-based Al Wahda come fourth with 300 games, of which they won 151, tying in 69, losing 80, and scoring 573 goals. Al Nasr come fifth with 150 games, of which they won 69, tying in 34 and losing 47.

Al Wasl come sixth with 300 games, winning 121, tying in 68 and losing in 111 and scoring 511 goals.

Sharjah – the champions of last year, and leaders of this year’s edition- come seventh with 274 games as they were relegated to first division once before. Of which, they won 99, tying 73 and losing 102 after scoring 403 goals.

The rest of the teams are Beni Yas, 8th, Al Shabab before merger, 9th; then come Al Dhafrah; Ajman; the Emirates; Ittihad Kalbaa; Dibba Al Fujairah; Al Fujairah; Dubai before merger; Al Shaab, before merger; Hitta and Korfakkan, from the 10th till the 19th positions.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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