22-Year Enterprise Development Makes a 20-Billion Hot-dipped Galvanization Giant

LIYANG, China, Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Several days ago, Jiangsu Guoqiang Galvanization Industrial Company (Hereinafter JSGQ) announced that they broke through 20 billion yuan annual sales revenue, hitting a record high of its 22-year development. How did this Chinese hot dip galvanizing enterprise create a miracle?

JSGQ was founded in 1998, the development of which has experienced four important stages: “Corporate Rejuvenation”, “Sustaining Momentum”, “Innovation & Cooperation” and “Serving Society”.

Phase 1 (1998~2005): Corporate Rejuvenation

In October 1998, the original Changzhou Xinghong Group was faced with bankruptcy. The present Chairman and General Manager, Yuan Guoqiang, finally obtained its management and ownership after a bidding for merger and re-organization, leading a start-up team to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Phase 2 (2006~2010): Sustaining Momentum

JSGQ experienced a comeback and a rapid development, becoming one of the China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises and China’s Top 100 Transportation Companies. At this stage, it focused on the concept of “Providing Customers with First-class Products and High-quality Services”, forming a core corporate governance concept of “Taking Science and Technology as No.1 Productive Force and Innovation as No.1 Enterprise Competitiveness”.

Phase 3 (2011~2018): Innovation & Cooperation

With its sustained development and growth, JSGQ started a journey of innovation and cooperation at this stage. From 2011, JSGQ established a joint venture company with Japanese Nippon Steel, set up a Guodian Division with a Dutch company, participated in the formulation of industrial standards, built an environmental intelligent logistics platform and developed such projects as cleaning robots and intelligent climbing frames, making its annual sales revenue exceed the milestone of ten billion yuan in 2014.

Phase 4 (2019~ present): Serving Society

JSGQ’s annual sales exceeded 20 billion at this stage. The company began to embark on achieving a “win-win” situation between economic and social benefits. With more enthusiasm for social philanthropic activities: establishment of “Yuan Brothers Scholarship”, participation in the implementation of “Spring Bud Plan” and “Liyang City Fundraising” project, focusing on giving back to the society and the public.

Company website: www.jsgq.cn