20 elite Emirati students get Al Nokhba scholarship for advanced technology

Abu Dhabi: Twenty elite Emirati students were honoured this week with the 2012/2013 Al Nokhba Scholarship for Advanced Technology at the scholarship induction ceremony held in the Rocco Forte Hotel Abu Dhabi.

The scholarship sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), provides the best and brightest students from Abu Dhabi with world-class learning opportunities in advanced technology.

Mrs. Mona Majed Al-Mansouri Guidance and Scholarship, Division Manager at ADEC, said that Al Nokhba Scholarship Program for advanced technologies is a result of a joint collaboration between ADEC and ATIC aiming to provide students with more opportunities to help them continue their higher education and develop their skills. “Since the launch of the program in 2010/2011, more top performing students have been willing to join this program which is leading in the field of manufacturing microchips and semiconductors. This year, students will be sent for the third consecutive year to study various disciplines of engineering in selected well known universities”, she added.

The scholars will have the opportunity to take part in internships and workshops at one of Global Foundries semiconductor factories, with a view to preparing highly qualified Emirati engineers to work in the advanced technology industry which will be taking a prominent place in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the coming years.

“For an investment company, advancing human potential is the beating heart of creating advanced technology,” said Hanan Harhara, Head of Human Capital Development at ATIC. “For this reason, I could not be more pleased with the quality and drive of students recognized with this scholarship. This program is a key opportunity to build the talent-base that will truly set the UAE apart in establishing strong and sustainable advanced technology industries.” This year saw over 400 students applying for the program, of which only 80 were selected for interviews. The Al Nokhba meaning the elite’ in Arabic, this year class of 2012 will see 19 students completing undergraduate studies and 1 student completing masters-level qualifications in a range of science and engineering subjects, including: chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering, electromechanical computer engineering, physics and materials sciences. Highlighting the increasing quality of incoming students, this year’s class has achieved a record number of direct admissions to tier-one universities within the United States.

In addition to receiving full support for completion of their studies, the Al Nokhba Scholars will benefit from the opportunity to participate in a hands-on internship at GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the ATIC-owned semiconductor manufacturing company, ensuring that they graduate with a high-level of understanding about semiconductors and, more broadly, the advanced technology industry as a whole.

Al Nokhba is part of ADEC’s and ATIC’s overall efforts to develop a strong human capital base, which will serve as a foundation for Abu Dhabi’s strategic development in the advanced technology sector.