1million Pound mosque for Al-Maktoum College Campus

Dundee: A ceremony to mark the official launch of a 1million pound mosque development for the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education campus in Dundee was held on Tuesday.

More than 70 jobs are expected to be created during the construction phase, which is due to start in September with completion next summer.

The mosque, the first in the city with a minaret, will be a three-storey building with a community area at ground-floor level. Prayer and worship areas will be on the first and second floors.

It will be open not only to Al-Maktoum College students but also the community in general.

Designed to complement the architecture in the area, the mosque includes a multi-purpose hall and meeting rooms to tie in with the College’s on-going commitment to multiculturalism while continuing to be part of the wider community.

A specially-designed plaque was unveiled before invited guests who included Mirza Al-Sayegh, Chairman of the College Board of Directors, Dundee Lord Provost Bob Duncan, David Dorward, Chief Executive of Dundee City Council, Mike Galloway, Director of City Development, visiting dignitaries from the UAE and Qatar, and 48 female Summer School students from the UAE and Qatar on the final day of their study visit to Scotland.

Al-Sayegh, who is also Chairman of the Al-Maktoum Foundation, which is funding the project on land it owns near the existing College building, said: “This is a memorable moment in the life of the Al-Maktoum College in Dundee, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

“Today’s ceremony is important, not only because a mosque of the highest possible standard is to be built, but also because the 1million development demonstrates our commitment to Dundee and to our aims to become a University College.

“The College has made great progress since it opened here and now it proudly enjoys an international reputation as a centre of academic excellence.

“We believe the new building, open to all and for the benefit of all, will prove to be a great addition to the College campus and Dundee as well. We regard this development as a contribution to the city and also to multiculturalism.

“It is a major undertaking and we thank Dundee City Council for its support, guidance and expertise in making this possible.” A master plan is currently being developed for the next phase of the campus’ redevelopment.

Lord Provost Bob Duncan said: “I am pleased to see the start of this work which will help to boost our economy. We are looking forward to seeing this development progressing.”