110 Gov’t depts to use unified e-procurement system by 2025, says official

Director of the Government Procurement Department Hanadi Nabulsi on Sunday underscored that by the year 2025, no less than 110 governmental entities will fully integrate and utilize the Jordanian Electronic Procurement System (JONEPS) in their procurement activities. During an intensive training seminar held at the Institute of Public Administration, aimed at capacitating procurement agents to proficiently leverage this system, Nabulsi elucidated on the pivotal role JONEPS will play in the administrative undertakings of these entities. In an interview with the Jordan News Agency (Petra), she noted the government’s thorough blueprint for JONEPS deployment across a spectrum of 100 government bodies during the 2023-2025 span. Nabulsi said that the system’s implementation has culminated in substantial reductions in the administrative overhead associated with procurement operations, a testament to the efficient management of state resources. With a clear objective of streamlining bureaucratic procedures pertaining to government procurement, JONEPS has been designed to foster a culture of transparency, uphold the ethos of competition and equality amongst bidders, mitigate costs incurred by procurement undertakings, enhance operational efficiency, and optimize procurement value. Furthermore, the system seeks to fortify the symbiotic relationship between the public sector and the local community by means of streamlined governmental procedures. The commissioning of JONEPS was facilitated via a munificent grant of $8.5 million extended by the Republic of Korea in 2015.

Source: Jordan News Agency